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Smart Travel Guide for Athens, Greece.

A brief travel guide of Athens, one of the most exciting and interesting cities in Europe!

Athens is the capital of Greece and is a remarkable city in Europe. Charming visitors and awakens their senses inviting them to experience a unique combination of culture, history, gastronomy, natural beauty and nightlife.

Ancient Athens was a city of historical importance, where developed principles, values ​​and ideas which we respect today. Modern Athens is a city of surprises, as you can discover in every corner of something new and exciting. In Athens you will find elements of eastern and western world, of ancient and modern times harmonically mixed together. Get a city map, navigate to it and you will discover a place that is unlike any other in the entire world.

Athens will amaze you because it offers everything you're looking for. If you love history you have the opportunity to visit amazing archaeological and historical sites such as the Acropolis in central Athens, where you can also admire the new Archaeological Museum. Entertainment in Athens never stops, and you can choose among many nightclubs, bars, cafes in every corner. For those who love the sea, seize the opportunity to swim on the coast of Attica, while if you prefer shopping, you can venture to the wonderful shopping malls, shops and boutiques all around Athens.

Athens is a popular destination not only for holidays but also for business trips. The city has a highly developed tourist infrastructure, able to meet your every need. In the last few years many important events have taken place in Greece, such as summits of the European Union, the Olympic Games in 2004 and the opening of the new Acropolis Museum.

Travel to Athens and enjoy a unique holiday that you will never forget!


Hotels in Athens

Athens is a great holiday destination renowned for its hospitality offering, with a very large number of hotels available for you. Athens hotels meet the needs of thousands of visitors arriving in Greece each year for business or leisure travel. Athens hotels, Hotels in Greece.
In Athens and in the suburbs, you will find accommodations for every budget and you can choose between Luxury Hotels, Boutique hotels, Hostels, Apartments and rooms equipped with more than the basic amenities for a pleasant stay.

The city of Athens is an ideal holiday destination for solo travelers and couples on holiday with friends or family. If you wish to be close to ancient monuments and nightlife hotspots, we suggest you choose one of the hotels located in Central Athens for your stay. If you prefer to stay out of town, close to the beach, there are wonderful hotels on the outskirts of Athens, as in Lagonisi and Glyfada. The hotels near the airport are also a good choice, as they have easy access to the center of Athens, close to the railway station. If you are planning to travel to the islands, there are excellent hotels near the port of Piraeus.


Athens Beaches
Athens beaches, Sea resorts in Athens.

Along the eastern, western and southern coast of Attica, near Athens, you will find many wonderful beaches where you can spend endless hours swimming in cool, crystal clear water and relax under the sun. Read more about the best beaches in Attica!

Nightlife and Entertainment
Athens nightlife, entertainment, parties and clubbing in Greece.

During your holiday in Athens will have the opportunity to experience unparalleled fun moments throughout the day. The city of Athens never sleeps and you find something enjoyable to do any time of day or night. Learn more about the most hot entertainment spots in Athens and enjoy unforgettable holidays!

Athens transportation, Metro, buses, trolleys, tram, taxies in Greece.

Athens has a developed transport network and guests can move to the historic center and the suburbs, easily and comfortably. Athens has one of the most advanced airports in Europe, where a large number of scheduled and charter flights depart daily, making it easy travel to and from Athens from all around the world, annihilating distances. Follow the links to learn more about flights to Athens and from Athens International Airport, as well as all public transportation in Athens.

Athens Sights

The unique attractions of Athens
Athens, especially its historic center, is full of attractions, museums and archaeological sites. Wherever you look, Athens is filled with monuments of the ancient and the newer culture. Walking in Athens on a sightseeing tour, is like walking into the same history of Athens.

Athens the City - An Overview

Athens, the city of wisdom, the Golden Age of architecture, sculpture, philosophy, theater and the Democracy with unparalleled archaeological sites, museums and major cultural events and festivals, is one of the best cities to visit.

The Parthenon on the Acropolis each year attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Considered the symbol of Culture, Wisdom, Art and Democracy.

Athens, the capital of Greece, took its name from the goddess of Olympus Athena, goddess of wisdom, warfare and handicrafts. The name Athens was called by Ancient Greeks to associate with the name of the goddess Pallas Athena - in Greek “Αθηνά”- meaning “The Ancient Greek Goddess of Wisdom” who was patroness of the city. Others claim the name Athens is formed from the word Athos = flower or the verb thao = to suck, and it means “Fertile” or “flowery” – source:
Sung much, photographed even more, extensively filmed by the eyes of foreign travelers and tourists, politicians and historians, Athens stands out from all the cities of Greece. It is one of the greatest tourist destinations and the administrative center of Greece, political, economic and cultural center of the country.


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Enjoy Athens! Tavel guide for Athens, Greece

A brief travel guide of Athens, one of the most exciting and interesting cities in Europe!

Travel to Athens and enjoy a unique holiday that you will never forget!

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Cheap Flights to Athens

Find flights to Athens and enjoy a unique holiday that you will never forget!

Hotels in Athens

Hotels in Athens

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Weather in Athens

Weather forecast for Athens

Athens is built on a plateau and surrounded by mountains. The weather is mild in the winter but hot in the summer. See the weather forecast for Athens.