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Visa for Greece

If you have booked your ticket for Greece or you plan to, you should consider the following information that provide some general visa rules. Citizens of most countries require a visa to enter Greece. It is always best to consult your travel agent or the local Greek embassy before travelling and if you do require a visa to travel to Greece, you should plan ahead.
Find your local Greek diplomatic mission by visiting the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs

Citizens That Don’t Require a Visa to visit Greece

The following do not require a visa to enter Greece: The citizens of the Schengen Area member states. Greece follows the Schengen Agreement and provisions for short-term visits. The Agreement abolished controls at the common internal land, air and sea borders and allows for movement by nationals of its member states without a visa for short-term stays of up to three (3) months. Airlines or other carriers, however, require a valid passport and or official national I.D. card or piece of identification issued by a public authority.

The Schengen Area member states are the following:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden, plus associated countries: Iceland and Norway

Citizens of the following EU and other European non-Schengen countries do not need a visa to enter Greece but they do need to provide a valid passport and/or official national I.D. card at the border and to airline or other carriers:

  • Bulgaria
  • Estonia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Cyprus
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Malta
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic

No visa is needed for holders of regular valid passports of the following non-EU countries who wish to travel to Greece and stay up to 3 months (90 days) inside a six (6) month period:

  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • New Zealand
  • The Holy See (Vatican)
  • Νicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • San Marino
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • USA
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela


NOTE: When travelling to Greece on a tourist visa, visitors are required to have travel insurance that covers cases of medical or other emergencies for the duration of their stay.

Athens among the top 52 tourist destinations
According to the New York Times

The capital of Greece is in the list of New York Times with the best 52 destinations to visit in 2014.
As reported by the New York Times, Athens is reborn through the crisis and is in the must-visit-list of the 52 destinations to visit this year. The vibrancy and innovation flourished in the capital of Greece even in challenging times.

Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Athens, the city that managed to survive in the mists of time, is experiencing a change in its existence, old and new. In Ancient: the Acropolis, the famous Caryatids still in the process of maintenance recovery. The process will be open to the Museum until the end of the year. And New: This spring the operation of the National Museum of Contemporary Art starts, in the former brew-factory Fix. Moreover, the areas near Monastiraki and Kerameikos are full of life. Travelers, who visit Athens, have too many options for both accommodation and entertainment.

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Huffington Post: Athens and Oia, cities must see once in your life - the top 50 destinations

Daydreams or realistic plans for travel, everyone makes a list of places in the world who would like to visit sometime. Considering this, the Huffington Post took off his own driver. In the list of the 50 cities that one should see at least once in his life, two Greek destinations made it: Athens and Oia.

In no19 of dream-list of every aspiring traveler, the American newspaper placed the Greek capital. "The Acropolis is a leading destination for the most, but the sun-drenched city streets, squares and museums incredibly make Athens more than ancient ruins," writes the Huffington Post, who also turned the look to the Aegean.

Thus, at the lists no32 of cities that must be visited once in a lifetime Oia was placed. "It is the most famous city of Santorini and surprisingly white and blue houses that go down to the sea is the material postcards are made", the newspaper said.

The 50 cities that everyone should visit in their lifetime, according to the Huffington Post are:

     Venice, Italy
     Seville, Spain
     New York, USA
     Lhasa, China
     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
     London, England
     Marrakech, Morocco
     Petra, Jordan
     Rome, Italy
     Varanasi, India
     Florence, Italy
     Havana, Cuba
     Kyoto, Japan
     Jerusalem, Israel
     Paris, France
     Beijing, China
     Lalibela, Ethiopia
     Granada, Spain
     Athens, Greece
     Bagan, Myanmar
     Kathmandu, Nepal
     Lisbon, Portugal
     Tokyo, Japan
     Istanbul, Turkey
     Hanoi, Vietnam
     Amsterdam, The Netherlands
     Luxor, Egypt
     Berlin, Germany
     Jaipur, India
     Lyon, France
     Oia, Greece
     Siem Reap, Cambodia
     Vienna, Austria
     Cusco, Peru
     Cartagena, Colombia
     Zanzibar, Tanzania
     Mexico City
     Las Vegas, USA
     Samarkand, Uzbekistan
     Sydney, Australia
     San Francisco, USA
     Mont Saint-Michel, France
     Dubrovnik, Croatia
     Bangkok, Thailand
     Buenos Aires, Argentina
     Antigua, Guatemala
     Prague, Czech Republic
     Budapest, Hungary

Source: Huffington Post